The Ute Ulay Project

The Ute Ulay is an inactive silver mine near Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado. It is proposed that LKA International will donate the site to Hinsdale County in order that it may be preserved and developed for the good of the community.

In July-August 2011 I took part in Colorado Art Ranch‘s collaborative Hardrock Revision residency. The aim was to develop a vision for the Ute Ulay. Following on from that work, I have been invited by Hinsdale County Commissioners to develop a set of masterplan documents. This process will take the Hardrock Revision’s ideas as a starting point, and will be collaborative and multi disciplinary in order to tackle the multiple and complex problems at the site.

The masterplan will provide a physical overview of the overall project, which will allow key elements within the site to be identified according to function and spatial arrangement. Each of these key elements can be assigned a collaborative arts/science team, and could then attract funding to make the plan a reality.

This first part of the project ran from Feb 4th to April 14th 2012, when I was based mostly in Lake City, Colorado. The project is ongoing.

The Ute Ulay project is an academic research project. I am the principal investigator funded by MIRIAD. I am a senior lecturer in landscape architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture in the UK. For the duration of this project I am a visiting scholar at University of Colorado, Denver.

Becky Sobell


One thought on “The Ute Ulay Project

  1. Becky this is fantastic. Well done on the blog. The simplicity and elegance is a neat contrast to the aesthetics of the west. I look forward to more spatial information and interesting insights as the process continues!

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