The Ute Ulay Needs You!

If you’re in Lake City, CO. then please come along to a public Meeting on April the 3rd, 2012. At the Moseley Arts Center on SIlver Street from 6-8pm. The Ute Ulay needs your support to secure its future as a beneficial site for the economy of Lake City, and for those who might want to enjoy this historical site in the future. Come along to this informal session, and listen, share ideas, and consider options for the future.

I even heard a rumour that there might be a little something to eat…



A State of Flux


Hinsdale County is a beautiful and remote location. Many people are drawn to come here to Lake City on holiday, and many of those people buy second homes. During the month I was here last summer with the Hardrock Revision residency, it became apparent that the population of Lake City fluctuates wildly during the year. This has a big impact on businesses and the economy here. Now that I’m back, in the depths of winter, I can certainly see the difference.

A dig around the US Census and other reports brought some numbers to light.