Treats: Home and Away

Yesterday I drove back to Denver. I am here to pick up Lydia Moyer, who was one of the Hardrock residents; she is coming back to collaborate further on the project.

It was another beautiful drive, and despite my experiments in cryogenics, Seamus the Sat Nav was up and ready to guide me (note to self: don’t leave a Sat Nav in the car at -30 C).

I love Lake City because it is quiet, friendly, and because you can see the stars from everywhere at night. However, as I reached Denver, I found myself looking at all the cars, and shops and neon lights with palpable excitement. Look at all the THINGS!

In an extremely unscientific survey, I have been asking Lake City residents which treats will motivate them to travel, and to where.

Some say that humans’ ability to connect so quickly with the rest of the world via technology, has rendered the terms rural and urban obsolete. It is certainly possible to have almost anything delivered to you in Lake City (- in fact if the delivery man sees your car, he’ll just pop the parcel in there). However, when it comes to experiential treats, you might just have to be there in person.

Click on the image for details of my unscientific results.





Last night a hot air balloon was illuminated in the park in Lake City.

Burners were a relief from the extreme cold.

And the today they were flown above the frozen lake, while everyone else whizzed around on snowmobiles.